Reconciliation Action Plan

    INPEX Australia Reconciliation Plan

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    INPEX: Securing the Future

    INPEX CORPORATION is a worldwide oil and gas exploration and production company, with more than 70 active projects globally. Since 1966, INPEX has been growing steadily, from the core areas of Indonesia and Australia, into the Middle East, the Caspian Sea region and South America.

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    Annual Report 2013

    Our Annual Report is intended to provide a detailed understanding of INPEX’s management and business to all of our stakeholders including shareholders, investors, business partners, communities and employees.

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    Sustainability Report 2013

    The Sustainability report brings together information on our business activities in the previous year and details our social and environmental policies.

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    Ichthys LNG Project Fact Sheet

    The Ichthys LNG Project is a world-class project to develop the gas and condensate field discovered by INPEX in the Browse Basin approximately 220 kilometres off the northwest coast of Western Australia.

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    Managing Savannah Fires to Benefit the Territory

    The Ichthys LNG Project has made a commitment to the development of a savannah fire management program in the Northern Territory. This program will be designed to offset some emissions produced from the Ichthys LNG Project and to provide sustainable livelihoods for rural and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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    Howard Springs Accommodation Village Fact Sheet

    The Howard Springs Accommodation Village is being developed to house the fly-in fly-out workforce required to build the Ichthys gas processing facilities at Blaydin Point, Darwin.

    Howard Springs Accommodation Village Fact Sheet [7329 KB]


    Commitment to community sustainability

    INPEX and its Ichthys Project joint venture participant Total have committed $3 million to the construction of a trade training centre to be built by the Larrakia Development Corporation in Darwin.

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    Airport Agreement Fuels Community's Future

    In April 2009, INPEX signed an agreement with the Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation for the long-term management of the Djarindjin- Lombadina Airport, 185 kilometres north of Broome in the Kimberley, Western Australia.

    Download the Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation fact sheet here [5955 KB]


    Supplier Relationship Program

    The INPEX Supplier Relationship Program aims to establish long-term relationships with locally-owned and Indigenous businesses in Australia, ensuring innovation, effective cost management, and value-added solutions are delivered.

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