Approvals & permits

The Ichthys LNG Project is regulated by a range of laws, standards, codes of practice and guidelines covering a range of jurisdictions: Commonwealth, Territory/State and local governments – the obligations of which, the Project is committed to. These regulatory requirements result in the need for the Project to obtain many permits, licences and approvals before activities are allowed to commence. Permits that may be of interest to the public are provided below.

Ichthys LNG Plant Development Permit Part 1 after Variation I


Ichthys LNG Plant Development Permit Part 2 after Variation I


Development Permit 11/0775A – MOF dredging


Development Permit - DP11/0775D


Development Permit - DP12/0297C


Development Permit - DP13/0501


Development Permit - DP12/0297


Development Permit - DP11/0775


Development Permit - DP12/0297B


Development permit - DP13/0501A


Traffic Impact Assessment


Traffic Management Plan


Environment Protection Approval EPA7-7