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With lots of work happening in Darwin on construction of the Project’s onshore facilities, there are plenty of ways for you to stay informed.

Bladin Point news: Final onshore modules arrive onsite

Final onshore modules arrive onsite for Ichthys LNG Project

Since breaking ground at Bladin Point in Darwin three years ago, the Ichthys LNG Project onshore landscape has transformed and an LNG plant is rapidly emerging.

This September the Project reached a significant milestone with the arrival of the final three modules required to complete construction of the Bladin Point onshore processing facilities.

The modules very large assemblies of structural, piping and mechanical equipment will next be connected with other modules to complete the two LNG processing trains on site.

These trains will liquefy gas transported to Bladin Point via an 890 kilometre gas export pipeline from the Ichthys Field off the West Australian coast.

Ichthys Project Managing Director Louis Bon said the arrival of the last modules signified the Project had entered the final phase of construction and the focus would now move to testing, commissioning and start-up.

Road safety

As the Ichthys LNG Project moves to peak construction sharing the roads safely continues to be a top priority.

The Project transports its people on buses to work, the city, its accommodation village and the airport. At peak, we expect to operate about 180 buses.

Project buses reduce pressure on local roads, travelling on approved routes that avoid peak traffic, where possible.

Out and about

The Ichthys LNG Project is proud to be part of the local community and staying connected to its neighbours. In the coming months we'll be at:

  • 2016 Chief Minister’s Awards for Excellence in the Public Sector
    Friday 4 November 2016

  • NT Media Awards
    Saturday 19 November 2016
  • Special Children's Christmas Party
    Saturday 3 December 2016

Staying informed

We’ve got advertising, newsletters, fact sheets, information sessions, posters and displays, but the three best ways to keep up-to-date are by reading or watching the Ichthys Project Bulletin, Ichthys Project Update or JKC Community Bulletin.

The Ichthys Project Bulletin provides a bi-monthly overview of our progress in Darwin. The Bulletin is published as an insert in local newspapers and is full of stories about our activities on land and sea, local businesses, education and training, the community and sponsorship.

The Ichthys Project Update runs on TV in Darwin every month. The Update touches on a single topic of interest to the community, usually with a focus on safety.

The JKC Community Bulletin contains detailed, local information about Project construction activities in Darwin. The JKC Community Bulletin is produced by the Project’s lead onshore contractor, JKC, and has transport numbers, road-train routes, hours of operation, accommodation village updates, information on park n’ ride facilities and marine construction safety details.

You can take a look through our latest editions and archive online, or sign up to become a subscriber and receive updates automatically.