Approval of the Ichthys Project by the Australian and Northern Territory governments followed a rigorous three year assessment process, comprehensive environmental studies and extensive engagement with the community and other stakeholders.

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In May 2008 INPEX initiated formal environmental assessment of the Ichthys LNG Project, which required the preparation of a Draft EIS. The Draft EIS described the Project’s potential environmental, social and economic impacts and the approach INPEX plans to take to manage these impacts. It was developed through a comprehensive program of technical research and modelling, as well as extensive consultation.

From July-September 2010 the Draft EIS was made available for public comment and review, during which a number of submissions were received from government agencies, non-government organisations and members of the public. A Supplement to the EIS was then prepared and responded to all submissions received during the 8-week public review period. The Supplement also provided a wide range of additional technical studies undertaken to add to the understanding of the environment and to confirm many of the conclusions in the Draft EIS regarding the Project’s anticipated environmental impact.

A final EIS was then developed through a comprehensive program of technical research and modelling, as well as extensive consultation with relevant government agencies, non-government organisations, and with the broader community.

In early April 2011 the final EIS was submitted to the Commonwealth and Northern Territory governments for assessment.

On May 17, 2011, the Northern Territory Government released its environmental assessment report on the Project, with Environment Minister Karl Hampton formally advising Planning Minister Gerry McCarthy that the impacts of the planned Ichthys development in Darwin could be managed within acceptable limits.

INPEX is now working to comply with all conditions and recommendations made in the Report.
For more information, INPEX can be contacted at any time on or free call 1800 705 010.

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