Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Engagement

INPEX is committed to achieving sustainable economic development in the areas in which we operate, and acknowledges the importance of the ATSI peoples as Traditional Owners of these lands.

INPEX believes that engaging ATSI peoples through strategies for employment, training and business engagement and development are a key element of achieving sustainable development that benefits the community.  

INPEX has adopted a framework which aims to identify and assist local ATSI businesses to effectively engage in the construction phase of the Ichthys Project and build sustainable options for operations. The framework includes strategies addressing effective communication, access to direct and indirect supply opportunities, business support, and feedback.


Supporting Business Engagement

The Project is committed to working with our key subcontractors, suppliers and stakeholders to identify options that enhance ATSI business engagement during the Project and further develop capability for operations. Examples of these options include:

  • Working closely with the Industry Capability Network Northern Territory (ICN NT) and key stakeholders to identify ATSI businesses for consideration
  • Undertaking Capability and Capacity Surveys to better understand and effectively match businesses to Project opportunities
  • Undertaking communication activities that support engagement with the ATSI business community
  • Ensuring appropriate contractual obligations are applied and evaluated to encourage engagement at all levels of the supply chain
  • Developing specific scopes of work, where possible, that engage ATSI businesses.

All contractors, subcontractors and suppliers are responsible for complying with the INPEX Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Engagement Policy.  

Getting Involved with the Project

Visit the Ichtys LNG Project webpage on ICN Gateway to register your interest in business opportunities.

General ATSI Business Enquiries

Email to: ATSIOpportunities@inpex.com.au

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