Cian Brennan - Bio

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Contracts Engineer (Drilling)

As Contracts Engineer (Drilling) Cian loves the satisfaction of a achieving a good outcome in contractual negotiations, as well as forming strong relationships in a diverse workplace environment.

“As part of the role you have to liaise with many people at INPEX from directors to subject matter experts in legal, finance, insurance, quality, and health and safety. This creates an environment where you are constantly learning and cultivating good relationships,” said Cian.

Having contributed to other prominent state-based projects, Cian says he was initially attracted to the chance of working on Australia’s largest discovery of hydrocarbon liquids in the last 40 years, along with the longest offshore pipeline in the southern hemisphere.

According to Cian the reason INPEX is a great place to work is the exciting work environment and high value of integrity shown by everyone.

“INPEX is a new operator and as such there is a chance to be part of positive changes to procedures and systems for future projects.”