Clive Aranha - Bio


Operations Technician

Looking forward to getting out on the Ichthys LNG Project FPSO is what keeps Clive going as he assists with the marine side of FPSO operations readiness.

Coming from a fly-in fly-out background Clive welcomes the new challenges of an office environment with his notable good humour and positive outlook.

“Trust me, it’s challenging, but then you get two whole days off a week!”

Clive explains part of the reward of working at INPEX is meeting and working with some really wonderful and talented people, and nurturing a strong culture in a workplace of likeminded folk.

When he’s not working Clive believes in giving back to the community. Outside of attempting to get to the gym and spending time with family and friends Clive volunteers his spare time to palliative care with the Silver Chain not-for-profit organisation.