JiaJing Xu - Bio


Reservoir Engineer

Ichthys Project Reservoir Engineer, JiaJing Xu, or JJ as she is known, knew she wanted to work for INPEX even before she’d finished studying.

“I met some very nice people from INPEX while I was still studying at university and I was immediately interested in the company, its projects and its culture,” said JJ.

Four years later JJ is as conscientious and driven about her work as she was when she first started.

“I love learning new knowledge everyday and working with my team to accurately predict various field scenarios from subsurface data and technology. In my job dealing with the unknown is most challenging so it is very important to effectively communicate with other disciplines to avoid any unexpected impact.”

JJ’s eagerness to read and learn more carries over into her spare time, but when it’s for fun she enjoys Japanese manga (comics) and magazines.