Pauline Potts - Bio

Pauline Potts.jpg

Procurement Specialist

With 20 years of experience in contracts and procurement, Pauline says she was excited to be part of the culture at INPEX, and joining the Ichthys LNG Project during the development stage.

“A project this size could not succeed without collaboration, building relationships or embracing diversity. Hence the reasons why I want to be a part of this world class facility which embraces such core values,” said Pauline.

Balance between work and family, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to Pauline, and it’s something she believes INPEX genuinely promotes and practises.

“There are many health programs offered to INPEX employees including free gym membership, skin cancer awareness and health checks. This is a proactive approach which clearly demonstrates that INPEX cares about our health and general wellbeing.”

Pauline helps fulfil her husband’s mantra, which is ‘happy wife, happy life’ by working hard, exercising regularly and enjoying life with family and friends.