Toby Jones - Bio


Graduate Subsurface Engineer

Since receiving a bachelor’s in geology from the University of Western Australia in 2012 Toby appreciates the enormous learning curve at INPEX.

“The work is challenging but the company looks after its employees extremely well. And there are many opportunities to chase because it is in the middle of a growth phase and has great aspirations for the future,” he said.

Toby believes employee diversity and collaboration is what sets INPEX apart.

“INPEX has a really mixed workforce with folk from all different cultural backgrounds. I believe that this is a real strength of the company and helps in attracting prospective employees, and gaining support from business and the local community for its projects.”

With an added passion for learning languages, when Toby isn’t brushing up on his Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish he keeps fit with INPEX’s free gym membership.