INPEX takes posession of state-of-the-art helicopter

INPEX Browse Ltd will soon take posession of a state-of-the-art Sikorsky S92 helicopter.

The helicopter is expected to arrive in Broome on February 9 and will be used to transport INPEX's drilling contractors and staff to the Songa Venus offshore drilling rig. INPEX's drilling program will commence in late February.

The helicopter is capable of carrying up to 15 people per flight and will do up to four flights per week. It will be based in Broome and is supported by a nine person crew which includes a pilot and an engineer.

INPEX Drilling Manager Doug Hodson said "Our drilling team will be located approximately 260 nautical miles from Broome and the Sikorsky helicopter is equipped to travel long distances offshore with a large passenger load."

"This helicopter is purpose-built for the offshore oil and gas industry and is one of the safest in the world."

"This, coupled with the establishment of a portable refuelling station at the Lombadina Airstrip, will significantly reduce current flying times," he said.

The Sikorsky S92 is a modern, twin engine, long range helicopter. It incorporates every modern safety innovation system and equipment advance that has been gained over 30 years of worldwide offshore helicopter operational experience.

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