In the harbour

There’s been a lot of important marine activity on the water around Darwin Harbour as the Ichthys LNG Project takes shape.

These activities have included the transport of materials, two successful dredging programs, marine construction at Bladin Point and the installation of part of the gas export pipeline. Some of these activities are ongoing.

Since the approval of the Project’s Environmental Impact Statement, we’ve worked hard to keep the community informed of our activities on the water. We have well-developed safety and environmental procedures in place and we’re committed to working safely with commercial and recreational harbour users.


For up-to-date Project news, take a look at our latest newsletters and bulletins in the News & Media section. If you want something more detailed, there are fact sheets, reports and copies of our marine traffic management plans. Or you can learn more about the Project’s comprehensive, scientific environmental monitoring program: Darwin Harbour – A Summary of the Ichthys LNG Project Nearshore Environmental Monitoring Program.

For hazards and safety zones, always check the Darwin Port Corporation’s (DPC) website at

The DPC is responsible for the safe execution and coordination of marine activities across the harbour. The Project will notify the DPC before activities commence so advice can be issued to us and other vessels.