On the road

Sharing Darwin’s roads safely means that the Ichthys LNG Project needs to work closely with the community and government.

Managing traffic is essential to the success of any major project with a significant workforce and requiring the transport of large quantities of goods and materials.

Constructing facilities, pipelines and other essential infrastructure safely requires comprehensive planning and coordination.

The Project’s main road traffic impacts in the Darwin, Palmerston and Middle Arm Peninsula areas are expected to occur during the construction phase and are related to the transport of materials and equipment with heavy vehicles, like trucks, and workers, by bus.


Looking out for the safety of our workforce and road users is one of the top priorities for the Project. We’ve invested more than AU$20 million to improve community road infrastructure and safety and have run safety awareness advertising campaigns, like driving with heavy vehicles during the wet season. 

The Project works closely with the Northern Territory Government (NTG) to minimise road transport impacts and inconvenience wherever possible. Comprehensive, approved transport management plans guide our transport arrangements.

Lead onshore contractor JKC publishes more detailed information on routes and transport numbers in its fortnightly bulletin, available in our News & Media section.

Onshore construction community feedback: 1300 724 795.