INPEX pledges A$ 1 million in support of Kimberley flood relief efforts

Posted 16 January 2023

Perth, Australia – INPEX today announced it was supporting Kimberley flood relief efforts with a A$ 1 million commitment. This includes a A$ 500,000 pledge to the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund. The remaining funds will be distributed once the needs of the community are better understood.

In addition, INPEX will provide up to A$ 50,000 in matching funds for staff donations to the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund.

“We are hopeful INPEX’s corporate contribution, together with our people’s donations, will help Kimberley communities recover from this devastating flood – and assist the region in getting back on its feet,” said INPEX President Director Australia Hitoshi Okawa.

“Furthermore, an S-92 advanced search and rescue helicopter operated by PHI Aviation to support INPEX and Shell operations in the region has helped carry people living in flood-affected Fitzroy Crossing to safety. This is a great example of the energy industry working together with the WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services to support community members in their time of need.

“We will also work with our community partners and stakeholders in the Kimberley to understand what assistance may be required in the future.

“Since the 1990s, Broome has provided key logistics support for INPEX’s Kimberley-based activities, and the region continues to be an important hub for Ichthys LNG's offshore operations.”

INPEX has been an active member of the Australian business community for more than 35 years and is proudly contributing to positive outcomes in the communities we work alongside.

Donate to the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund:

Image provided courtesy of PHI Aviation.