We take pride in the delivery of onshore and offshore marine monitoring programs, developing innovative research partnerships and robust management plans to reduce our environmental footprint.

Working alongside reputable research scientists, we invest in programs to build a wealth of data, which supports better understanding and protection of the environments where we operate.

Our programs are focused on developing responsible management approaches to protect the environment, while supporting development and meeting the expectations of the communities where work and of which we are proud to be a part.


We are committed to:

  • ensuring our people are competent with the appropriate training, environmental knowledge and adequate resources to support sound environmental management
  • empowering our people to identify risks and intervene to prevent environmental harm
  • investing in development and implementation of onshore and offshore marine monitoring programs
  • compliance with environmental obligations and commitments through risk reduction and implementation of effective control measures
  • driving ongoing improvements in environmental performance through monitoring, auditing and reviews.
  • building greater knowledge and skills to support protection of the environment. 


Environment Plans 

Currently open for feedback: 

INPEX Australia has worked sustainably and responsibly under an approved Ichthys development drilling environment plan for more than a decade in the Browse Basin, around 230 kilometres offshore from Western Australia. This environment plan is undergoing a routine five-year revision.

We wish to hear from relevant persons whose functions, interests and activities may be affected by the work that we are doing.

Please visit the link for more detail on this Environment Plan.

  1. Ichthys Development Drilling WA-50-L (five year revision) 

Approved Environment Plans: 

These activities are scheduled to occur in Q1 and Q2, 2024. 

  1. Browse Basin Offshore Exploration Drilling WA-285-P/WA-343-P
  2. Bonaparte Basin Offshore Exploration Drilling and 3D Seismic Survey


Climate change

INPEX recognises climate change is a critical issue – for business and for communities.

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