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At INPEX, we're keen to attract, train and develop people who want to make their mark. That’s because we’re a vibrant company committed to discovering and delivering global energy solutions.

Working with us

We have achieved amazing things, such as the construction of Ichthys LNG, one of the world’s most technically challenging and complex energy operations. We are now operating this world-class development, thanks to the efforts of our people. 

With 40 years of Ichthys LNG operations and new ventures ahead of us, we invite inspiring, determined and passionate people with a strong commitment to safety, to consider a career with INPEX.

We provide professionally challenging and rewarding job opportunities in technical and non-technical disciplines, including engineering, electrical, drilling, environmental, corporate, administrative and scientific positions.

As an international company we offer opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from all over the world, to help discover and develop new technologies that contribute to INPEX’s commitment to a global renewable focus.

Make your mark as part of one of the most exciting companies in the world. We invite you to join us and to help influence outcomes that will drive the future of energy inspiration around the world.

INPEX and sustainability

Our aim is for renewable energy to account for 10 per cent of our project portfolio in the long-term.

INPEX is accelerating development of our energy business to meet long-term demand for renewable energy.

We need bright and innovative minds to help us develop and manage this important work in the years ahead.

In addition to our geothermal power project in Indonesia, INPEX intends to expand participation in wind power generation as well as other areas making this an exciting and worthwhile time to consider a career with INPEX.

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The thing about working with INPEX

Meet Michael

"I started out my career as an Electrical apprentice after leaving school. My current position is Utilities Area Team Leader at Bladin Point.

I’ve been working for INPEX for nearly five years and I like the good learning culture. Here at INPEX we want to make the most of our personnel opportunities to develop and better ourselves and add value to our business.

Now at 51, I've just signed up to study my Masters in Leadership.

One of INPEX ‘s values is Diversity. An example of the company’s commitment to diversity is it’s mandatory for all personnel to attend Aboriginal awareness training. That means a lot to me and I enjoy a genuine sense of belonging here.

I can honestly say that when INPEX says it's going to do something it follows through and delivers. “I started in electrical trades and now I’m an Area Team Leader at Bladin Point! INPEX listened to me when I said I was keen to learn about LNG. They gave me the opportunities I was looking for."

Meet Rachele

"I saw an ad on the INPEX website in December 2017 for Vac Students and I thought, well that could be a good step in the door! Two years later I’m still here at INPEX working in a full-time graduate role as a Lab analyst.

I’m a qualified environmental scientist and essentially my role here is to test water. I work with the laboratory and environmental team to test chemical concentrations of water. I  work in the lab, but I also go out and conduct field sampling, for water going into Darwin Harbour for example, to ensure the protection of aquatic life. I also test drinking water, and prepare reports for regulators, such as the EPA and Department of Health.

INPEX has an excellent mentoring program that’s part of the Vac Student program but you can also have a mentor assigned to you as a Grad, which is what I'm doing. So, if I want to know more about something l’m working on I just ask my engineering mentor and pick their brains for advice!

I work with people from all around the world including the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, England, Greece and the Macedonia and everyone brings in their different personalities, stories and experiences, which help everyone gain a healthy sense of cultural awareness and respect.

I’ve still got a few months to go on my Grad program, but I’d like to think I’ll stay on with INPEX in the long-term and develop a solid science-based career."

Meet Kaya

Kaya works in Aviation Operations, co-ordinating and scheduling helicopters for our offshore workers.

“I work in INPEX headquarters in Perth and my job is to get our workers from Broome and onto the Ichthys LNG worksite 430 kilometres away in the Browse Basin. I also organise all worksite travel. I started out in Admin as a team assistant with the Logistics Department and had no idea about aviation in the oil and gas industry.

I’ve gone from Admin to Aviation in eight years! INPEX has certainly been supportive of my career progression.

Right now, I’m the only Aboriginal woman in Aviation. I'm very culturally connected and INPEX has always been encouraging for me to continue to be involved in my community.

My advice to anyone thinking of taking up a career with INPEX is to come in with an open mind, look for challenges and look forward to the challenges as well. People at INPEX, we’re all different - from different backgrounds, ages, cultures, – and that acceptance of diversity that INPEX has here, creates an environment of openness to be yourself and to know you can take your career wherever you want it to go.”

Meet Liam

"I was looking for an internship to follow up on my university skills with the view to a career in finance and so I joined INPEX’s vacation student program in December 2018, finishing in February 2019. It was a solid hands-on experience. I kept in touch with INPEX and a few months later I was offered a commercial role as part of the Solid Pathways program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

I work on permit management regarding exploration permits and retention leases, as well as economic models and everything in between.

One of the great things INPEX offers is the opportunity to broaden your business and industry knowledge through training courses.

I've completed a two-day course in negotiations training, and also LNG Fundamentals which has given me an understanding of the oil and gas industry. I now know how gas is extracted!

Recently I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and Banking, and I work in the role of Commercial Officer. I plan to apply for a full-time graduate position at the end of my Solid Pathways program, in August 2020.

I can honestly say that INPEX tries really hard to bring in young talent and then backs that up with incredible support to help you develop your skills through mentoring and training. Everyone is willing to help you out. The group that I work with always have something new to teach me.

Everyone here offers something different to the business. It’s a super friendly and incredibly diverse workplace and I would recommend having a talk to INPEX about a career here.”

INPEX and inclusivity

At INPEX, we foster a culture of inclusion.

Our working environment embraces diversity, of personal beliefs, cultures and lifestyles, that allows all of us to come to work each day as our true selves.

We're proud of our approach to diversity, because it provides the unique perspectives that bring us together and unite us as a connected and contemporary workplace.

Discover more about our values and inclusive workplace culture.

Begin your INPEX career

INPEX operations are impressive – but it’s our people who make it that way.

Working at INPEX, you'll have the opportunity to play a significant role in a leading and unique global organisation. The roles we offer provide an opportunity to make your mark. You can build a fulfilling career and be recognised for your work across a variety of areas including, technical, corporate and operational fields.

You’ll also, indirectly, help to deliver significant social and economic benefits to Australia, which includes regional infrastructure, employment, training and other opportunities for local communities.

As part of our team, you will also enjoy the rewards of a competitive remuneration and benefits package.

Check out the exciting opportunities currently on offer. 

Job opportunities

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander opportunities

We offer a range of opportunities dedicated for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander applicants through our Solid Pathways program. The program supports and develops individuals for potential positions within the industry, through on-the-job and external training.

Roles will be listed here as they become available.

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Vacation and graduate opportunities

Our exciting, paid placement opportunities are highly sought after and provide a stepping stone for your career. Roles will be listed here as they become available.

Vacation student program

Our vacation student program offers university students the opportunity to work with talented oil and gas professionals while gaining hands-on experience. The structured 12-week program is open to university students in their penultimate year of study, commencing at the end of each year.

Graduate program

INPEX is a diverse, inspiring and challenging place for graduates to build an exceptional career. Our graduate program provides the opportunity to learn from talented oil and gas professionals from many different cultures in an environment that encourages innovation.