Our local suppliers are vital to our business.

Supplying to INPEX Australia

We are pleased to announce a new initiative to digitise and streamline our procurement and accounts payable processes through the use of SAP Ariba.

SAP Ariba provides a simple, transparent, and fast way to manage purchase orders, send invoices and to receive payment.

INPEX is partnering with SAP Ariba to fulfill our vision of moving away from paper and manually transmitted documents.

INPEX will expect all new suppliers to use the Ariba Platform commencing in the middle of 2021. As a requirement of doing business with us all suppliers engaging with INPEX will be onboarded to the Ariba Network, as part of their registration.


Supplier opportunities

INPEX actively supports Australian Industry Participation (AIP) and the engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as core business policies. INPEX use the ICN Northern Territory for vendor identification purposes. Suppliers are encouraged to establish and maintain a company profile with ICN Northern Territory.

INPEX Contractor Personnel COVID-19 Vaccination Status Register

INPEX is taking action to ensure it complies with the WA Government’s Resources Industry Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions and the NT Government’s COVID-19 Directions (No.55) Directions requiring COVID-19 vaccination within specified timelines.

Our obligations include maintaining a record of the vaccination status of those workers required to comply with the Directions and producing that to the relevant authority(s) upon request.

As employers you will also be required to collect and maintain a record of your employees’ verified vaccination status.

INPEX has established a centralised database which will hold contractor/suppliers’ vaccination registers in a safe and secure location accessible to a small number of INPEX personnel.  Please use the link below to access the register and complete it with the required individual details. If you require a bulk upload template please contact  INPEX does not require evidence or proof of vaccination for Contractor personnel.

We acknowledge that individual vaccine status is sensitive health information and must remain confidential and secure. The information you provide will be used by INPEX solely to ensure compliance with the Directions.  Please be aware that this includes INPEX personnel having access to individual compliance data for the purpose of managing rostering and resourcing, work travel and site access.

Link to online register:  INPEX Contractor Personnel COVID-19 Vaccination Status Register (

For Contractors who would prefer to provide a General Declaration of Compliance please see the below Notification then download and return the Declaration Form as instructed. 

Supplier Documents

Use the supplier password to access our supplier specific documents