All module yards on the go for Ichthys LNG Project

Posted 13 April 2015

The arrival of six large pre-fabricated modules weighing about 7500 tonnes combined has marked a major construction milestone for the INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG Project.

The two shipments from STP&I and AG&P on 17 and 28 March 2015 rounded out first deliveries from all four of the yards that are fabricating equipment for the Project’s onshore liquefaction plant.

Managing Director Ichthys LNG Project Louis Bon said the onshore LNG facilities under construction at Bladin Point near Darwin had transformed since the first module delivery in June 2014.

“With first arrivals from STP&I and AG&P, we’ve now seen nearly 60 large pre-fabricated modules delivered safely to site,” Mr Bon said.

“Many of these modules have been safely installed and many more are soon to be delivered, so we’re on schedule and very pleased with the progress.

“The modules are very large assemblies of structural, piping and mechanical equipment, some of which measure around 90 metres in length and weigh the equivalent of 3600 family cars, so I’m very proud of our excellent safety record to date.”

The pre-fabricated modules are key components of the Project’s LNG processing facilities, which will eventually produce 8.4 million tonnes of LNG and 1.6 million tonnes of LPG per annum.

The modules are being built at four fabrication yards – one in China, one in the Philippines and two in Thailand – with about 60 shipments of more than 200 modules needed to construct the Project’s onshore liquefaction plant.


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