Conservation management of dugongs, cetaceans and threatened marine matters of national environmental significance in the Top End

This is a Northern Territory-run offset program which will deliver conservation management outcomes to dugong, cetaceans and threatened marine matters of national environmental significance (MNES) in the Top End over the next 22 years. The offset program commenced in 2021 and is implemented through a collaborative effort between INPEX, on behalf of the Ichthys Joint Venture partners, and the Northern Territory Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security (DEPWS). Aboriginal organisations (e.g. NT ranger groups, Land Councils and Aboriginal controlled incorporated associations) can apply for funding through the Northern Territory Governments Aboriginal Ranger Grants Program to complete conservation activities for eligible species and their habitat on land and sea country in the Top End. A list of eligible species is provided in the tables below.

  Dolphins – humpback, snubfin, bottlenose, spinner, spotted, striped, rough-toothed, Fraser's/Sarawak, Risso’s, common
  Whales - Antarctic minke, Bryde’s, blue, pygmy killer, short-finned pilot, pygmy sperm, dwarf sperm, humpback, Blainville's beaked, killer,   melon-headed, sperm, false killer, Cuvier's beaked
  Turtles – loggerhead, green, leathery, hawksbill, Pacific/olive ridley, flatback
  Freshwater and green sawfish, whale shark
  Great knot, greater sand plover, lesser sand plover


The purpose of this offset program is to support Aboriginal organisations to deliver conservation management projects. Key objectives of this offset program are to maximise:

  • management actions that enhance the conservation of EPBC listed species, including dugong, cetaceans, threatened marine MNES in the Top End.
  • the capacity of Aboriginal ranger groups to deliver these management actions. 

More information on the Aboriginal Ranger Grants Program please visit the DEPWS website. A summary of previous offset grant recipients can be found below:

  • 2021 - Ichthys LNG offset recipients (link available soon).