Larrakia Ichthys LNG Foundation Trust (LIFT)

The purpose of the Larrakia Ichthys LNG Foundation Trust (LIFT) is to provide a benefit to the Larrakia people over the 40 years of the INPEX Ichthys LNG operations.

The LIFT has been set up within a Trust structure to support governance of the funds and ensure the funds are distributed for the sole benefit of the Larrakia people. Key initial focus areas of the Trust include the provision of education opportunities and support for Elders.

The development of the LIFT has occurred in consultation with the INPEX Larrakia Advisory Committee (Committee) – which includes representation from both the Larrakia Development Corporation (LDC) and Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation (LNAC). The Committee is the body that assesses submissions to the Trust and approves the programs to be funded.

The LDC and LNAC are known as community corporations for the purposes of the LIFT.

For more information about the LIFT, please refer to the video produced by FiRST NATiONS TV for the Larrakia Ichthys LNG Foundation Trust and the Larrakia nation.

Trust structure

  1. Proposals for new programs are developed by the community corporations and submitted to the Trustee (Perpetual).
  2. The Trustee reviews the proposals and submits them to the Committee.
  3. The Committee reviews the submissions and advises the Trustee of approved submissions.
  4. The Trustee enters into a funding agreement with the community corporation which will administer the program.
  5. The community corporation delivers the program and acquits the funds.


Register of Larrakia

The LDC acts in the position of Registrar for the Larrakia Ichthys LNG Foundation Trust (LIFT).  As Registrar, the LDC maintains the Register of Larrakia to manage the funding eligibility for the programs funded by the LIFT.

Larrakia people seeking to apply for assistance through LIFT funded programs MUST be registered with the Register of Larrakia.  Every Larrakia person over the age of 18 can be included on the register by completing the application form and providing the required identification documents.

Children under the age of 18 can also be included with the authorisation of their Parents/Guardians and required identification documents.

Please refer to the LDC website for the application form and further information


Accessing programs

Individuals can access the LIFT-funded programs via the LDC and LNAC. Current programs are listed below.

Program Description Contact details
Larrakia School Participation Program

Available to Larrakia families that have school students
enrolled in pre-school to year 12. Financial assistance is
offered to purchase school supplies such as uniforms, book packs and stationery.

LDC Information:
Tertiary scholarships

Scholarships are offered for the academic year for the
• Tertiary students completing a Bachelor (or higher) level course
• TAFE students completing a diploma or certificate level course.

LDC Information:
Upskilling program

This funding is aimed at short courses and skill upgrades
rather than full certificates or tertiary education. Applicants
can apply for up to two courses per financial year to help with the applicant’s current employment or to gain employment (e.g. resume writing / updating etc).

LDC Information:
Larrakia Funeral Fund

Subsidise the cost of funerals.

LDC Information:
Elders access to Country and services bus

Provide transportation services to Larrakia Elders to attend activities, cultural events, funerals and to have access to Country.

LNAC Information: us/


If you have an idea for a program that will benefit Larrakia people or queries about the LIFT, please email



Larrakia elderly get a LIFT

The INPEX Larrakia Advisory Committee recently approved the purchase of a bus through the Larrakia Ichthys LNG Foundation Trust, for the sole purpose of providing transportation assistance to Larrakia seniors in and around Darwin, NT. The 12-seater bus will assist the Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation (LNAC) to build on their capacity to deliver a range of elder-care services to the Larrakia community.

The bus arrived just in time to help with transportation to the LNAC Christmas party last year. It is now being used to transport the elderly to and from a range of activities, designed by LNAC’s qualified Lifestyle Coach. 

LNAC’s elder-care activities are extensive. They range from day trips to Adelaide River and Batchelor to visits to museums and art galleries. Other activities include sports such as netball and barefoot bowls; beach and lawn picnics; visits to colleges, primary schools and childcare centres for interactions and role modelling for the younger generation and arts and crafts. The bus will also be used to take the elders to collect traditional foods such as longbums and cockles.

A need for transportation to be provided to Larrakia elderly living in Acacia Hills, an hour’s drive from Darwin, has also been identified. LNAC are looking to provide weekly return services for people to attend medical appointments and to purchase groceries.

The bus is also used on different days by women-only for women’s business and men-only for men’s business.

Another benefit of the bus is the employment of a Larrakia person to drive the bus. Imagine having 12 nanas watching your every move as you drive them around!