Collaborating on the Ariba Network

Collaboration on all sourcing, contracting and procurement activity will be conducted via the Ariba Network, an online trading place for buyers and sellers. This includes requests for information, proposals, quotes, participation in contract negotiations.

All core Purchase-to-Pay activity (ordering, fulfillment, and invoicing) will be conducted via the Ariba Network, providing a seamless, efficient interaction.

SAP Ariba will:

  • Simplify, automate, and digitize the Source-to-Pay process
  • Allow INPEX and our suppliers to collaborate and transact electronically, making the process simpler, more accurate, transparent, and efficient.
  • Facilitate process integrity as it provides visibility through the entire process.
  • Provide security as all submissions are protected by visibility restrictions in the system, allowing only approved personnel to view responses at the appropriate time in the tendering process.

For more information on Ariba, please visit

For more information on engaging with INPEX via the Ariba Network, please refer to the INPEX Supplier information pack 

  • Joining the Ariba Network
    • Current suppliers will be automatically loaded into INPEX Ariba network and will be invited to participate via a Transactional Enablement request from INPEX and Ariba in waves, starting in mid 2021
    • For new suppliers INPEX will invite relevant suppliers to register on the Ariba Network via an email triggered from the system
    • The email will contain a link to a registration form requiring you to provide some details about your organisation
    • Once you have registered, you will receive invitations to participate in sourcing events via the Ariba Network
    • All submissions for sourcing events (e.g. RFI, RFP & RFQ’s), contractual communications will be conducted via the system
  • Benefits to our suppliers
    • Track order status. Ariba Network enables buyers and suppliers to track the status of purchase orders in real time.
    • Generate electronic invoices. Suppliers can generate invoices electronically and send them to their customers.
    • Suppliers can also see invoice status updates as their customer receives, approves, and pays them.
    • Eliminate manual processing. By automating the process of sending and receiving purchase orders, eliminates unnecessary steps and manual processing of routine transactions, speeds order execution, and increases accuracy.