Transacting with INPEX

All Purchase-to-Pay transactions with INPEX are conducted via the Ariba Network. This allows both parties to collaborate electronically across a range of documents including purchase orders, confirmations and the submission of invoices.

For more information, please refer to the INPEX Supplier information pack.

When registering with INPEX as a supplier in Ariba, it is important you read and understand the INPEX Ariba – Instructions to New Suppliers. and ensure you provide your Banking Details as instructed.

Please note, INPEX is not responsible for delays caused by incorrect or incomplete data entry by suppliers. 

  • Benefits to our suppliers

    In addition to the advantages of a simplified, automated, and digitised Purchase-to-Pay process, suppliers also benefit from:

    • Having all INPEX related purchasing documents in one place
    • Real time notifications for status changes in purchasing documents.
    • The Ariba supplier mobile app to execute tasks on-the-go.
    • Full visibility of invoice payment dates
  • Expectations of our suppliers
    • All suppliers must register on, and transact via the Ariba Network with INPEX
    • Suppliers must submit an order confirmation for all transactions for goods.
    • INPEX has a strict NO PO, NO PAY policy. Suppliers must not commence any work on behalf of INPEX or deliver any goods until a Purchase Order has been received.
    • Submit all invoices electronically via the Ariba Network (some approved exceptions will apply)
    • Must provide a supporting breakdown of all goods and services supplied when submitting an electronic invoice via the Ariba Network.
  • Ordering and Payment Methods

    INPEX’s preferred ordering method for transacting with suppliers is Purchase Order

    Purchase Order

    ALL requirements for goods and services will be communicated to suppliers via a purchase order on the Ariba Network, referencing a pre-negotiated agreement or standard terms and conditions of purchase. Ad-hoc requirements must be supported by a quote and deliverable-based activity must be supported by an agreed statement of work.

    INPEX may also issue a purchase order for unplanned or recurring services based on a provisional amount, however will only pay suppliers based on the verification of actuals, once an electronic invoice has been submitted via the Ariba Network.

    INPEX also supports various supplier integration methods for ordering and invoicing and encourages the hosting of catalogues on the Ariba Network.