Our investment in community activities is about building communities that are vibrant, prosperous and resilient. We plan our investments carefully to ensure we deliver across four key platforms within our host communities:

  • Education and training programs
  • Health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Business capacity building
  • Programs that aim to connect and empower the community.

In 2018, we supported more than 70 initiatives in these areas, ranging from small community grants to strategic partnerships with community organisations.

Since 2012, we have contributed more than AUD$ 4.5 million to community programs and more than AUD$ 9 million to development education and training institutions in Australia.

We implement community investment activities to support and enhance the social and economic development of our host communities in response to social impact, economic opportunity and regional needs.

To find out more about our Community Sponsorship and Investment Program, contact us via sponsorship@inpex.com.au.