Through our community investment activities, we aim to support the building of vibrant, prosperous and resilient communities.

Since 2012, we have contributed more than A$ 5.2 million to community programs and more than A$ 9 million to develop education and training institutions in Australia.

We aim to make a positive impact in communities where we are active, through four priority areas:

  • Education and training programs
  • Health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Business capacity building
  • Programs that aim to connect and empower the community.

In 2020, as we move towards steady operation of Ichthys LNG, we are placing a greater emphasis on developing partnerships that create meaningful and long-term positive impact in our host communities.

Aligned to our community investment approach, we will be conducting one public sponsorship application round in 2020.

2020 public sponsorship application round

The public sponsorship round provides an opportunity for community organisations to apply for funding of up to A$ 5,000.

Community organisations that deliver initiatives and events that benefit the communities of Darwin and the Kimberley region, Western Australia, are encouraged to apply in this public sponsorship round.

The round will open on 1 February and will close on 11 March 2020.

Please note: This is the only public sponsorship round that INPEX will run this year.

Due to sponsorship assessment timeframes, we will consider programs and events taking place from May 2020 onwards to ensure that funding is secured ahead of the planned activity.

Community organisations that are interested in making an application should first read INPEX’s Sponsorship Application Guidelines to ensure that their initiative (program/event) meets the eligibility criteria and focus areas of our community investment activities.

Submissions may then be made using the Sponsorship Application Form

An application may be saved and resumed at any point but must be fully submitted by 11 March.

All applications will be assessed by the INPEX Sponsorship Committee, and applicants advised of the outcome of their submission by early April.

It should be noted that it may take up to two months to complete the payment of funds to successful applicants after sponsorship is confirmed. Please take this timeframe into account if you wish to make an application.


To find out more about INPEX community investment, contact us via

Reference materials

INPEX’s Sponsorship Application Guidelines

Sponsorship Application Form

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Standard

We implement community investment activities to support and enhance the social and economic development of our host communities in response to social impact, economic opportunity and regional needs.

To find out more about our Community Sponsorship and Investment Program, contact us via