Kimberley Communities 

The Kimberley is an essential and valued region for Ichthys LNG offshore activities, supporting our safe operations every single day of the year.  

Through our community engagement activities in the Kimberley region, INPEX strives to build trusted and meaningful relationships and support initiatives to build the social and economic resilience and vibrancy of the broader community.  

We engage with a range of community and government stakeholders and our business partners in the region, and have forums to receive public enquiries, in relation to our business and community investment activities. We aim to provide useful and timely information on current and planned activities to understand potential impacts and manage any issues that may arise. 

Our community investment approach focuses on initiatives that deliver longer-term and meaningful impact to people and businesses in the region, as well as grassroots events and programs to support a vibrant and connected community. 

You can read more about the initiatives we support in Broome and the broader region in our annual Kimberley Community Update brochures and case studies below. 

INPEX Kimberley Community Update 2023

Community partner case study: Telethon Kids Institute


Our activities in the Kimberley

INPEX is active in a number of projects off the coast of Western Australia, and the proud operator of Ichthys LNG. 

INPEX-led Ichthys Joint Venture is proudly supporting jobs, training, social and economic benefits flowing from Ichthys LNG – one of Australia’s largest and most complex energy developments.  

For the past two decades, Broome and the broader Kimberley region have provided key logistics support for Ichthys LNG’s offshore activities, as it is the closest mainland region to the Ichthys Field, which is located in the Browse basin approximately 220 kilometres off the Kimberley Coast. 

INPEX also has a participating interest in Prelude Floating LNG, which is operated by Shell Australia and is also located in the Browse Basin.  

The Kimberley continues to be an important logistics hub for Ichthys LNG offshore operations, supporting critical logistics such as marine supply vessels and personnel transfers to our offshore processing facilities and the drilling rig. 

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Case Studies

Caleb McDonald, INPEX Offshore Production Technician

Broome, Kimberley

For Production Technician, Caleb McDonald, working at INPEX has enabled him to pursue a fulfilling career as well as a vibrant lifestyle in picturesque Broome.  

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Ric Collins, Base and Contract Manager Broome, PHI Aviation

Broome, Kimberley

One of the most rewarding parts of Ric’s job is ensuring the safe and seamless transport of Ichthys LNG’s offshore workforce to work and back again. 

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Telethon Kids Institute


Through the Kimberley platform of its Kulunga Aboriginal Unit, Telethon Kids Institute promotes a community-led approach to child health research in some of the most remote and vulnerable communities in Western Australia by partnering with Aboriginal Elders, families and community organisations.  

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